Assetone - Complete end to end asset Management system

AssetOne is a premier asset management solution in the global telecom market. Asset is fully compatible with ProjectOne and focusses on managing the network assets through the entire product life cycle.

Asset visibility

AssetOne tracks assets in warehouses, vehicles and on sites. This brings operations together with management inventory, repairs, spares management and reporting. AssetOne makes asset information available to all personnel involved in the network, engineering, logistics, finance and planning.

Asset tagging

AssetOne is designed to facilitate information and data entry using barcode readers and RFID tags. Barcoding is the standard method used to receive parts to the asset database and to the asset warehouses. All transactions are then tracked using barcode readers. Users can even confirm barcode information on their mobile devices or obtain asset reports by simply pressing a button.

Projectone integration

AssetOne is an integral part of ProjectOne, the leading Project Management tracking suite. All data links can be customised to match the customer's internal systems ensuring that the data is consistent no all platforms through which it can be received.

  • Monetizing your old assets
  • Warehouse visibility
  • Logistics tracking
  • Warranty Management
  • Depreciation Management
  • Cell Site asset visibility
  • Bill of material creation
  • Spare parts Management
  • Material request Management