Staffone - Staff competence development and performance monitoring

Staffone is the human resource management software that consolidates all resource information and allows detailed management of the competence and quality of the people deploying the projects.

Competence visibility

Staffone provides management with a clear view on the competency skill sets of staff and subcontractors. It also aligns quality with skill sets to drive improvements by identifying missing skill gaps with current or future service needs.

Central staff information storage

StaffOne delivers administration control to online timesheets, contract management, payroll, staff satisfaction, target discussions and development plans.

Training and development

StaffOne captures training curriculums to drive the continuous improvement of the staff base competency levels and to train new recruits as needed. Project delivery services can be very specific therefore the training can include vast topics other than technologies. StaffOne supports every aspect of competency development within an organisation.

  • Maintenance Staff
  • Network Operations
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Cost Control
  • Logistics and Asset Management
  • Deployment Crews
  • QMS Auditors
  • Procurement
  • All Departmental Staff