Towerone - The complete one stop end to end solution for tower sharing companies to manage their cell site infrastructure

Towerone is an Intelligent Site Management System that monitors active and passive network elements, as well as controlling equipment at network sites. Towerone consists of a light version of Projectone to consolidate all tower information and documentation into a central storage location. The management of leases, billing and the tower sharing processes are all captured in Towerone. There are 12 tower companies that are currently using the tower share solutions provided by Nexsysone.

The performance and success of each and every project is directly linked to the performance and operations of each individual site. Real-time information on site statistics and assets is crucial to making key decisions. Towerone has been designed by experienced telecom and network engineers to allow you to remotely manage multiple sites and optimise your site performance.

Site infrastructure monitoring

Towerone constantly collects data from multiple sites associated with a project using a combination of sensors, GPS trackers, alarms and cameras. The data is then communicated via the user interface, allowing you to track and troubleshoot potential hazards. It allows you to anticipate and prevent any situations that could result in potential network downtime. It also charts OPEX savings and expenditure, as well as energy consumption and allows you to track the reduction in expenditure and consumption.

The SiteOne mobile app provides crucial site information on the go. The app uses the same cloud-based architecture as the desktop application to provide instant notifications, email alerts, status updates and sensor readings from all distributed sites.

SiteOne is a unified site management system that consolidates energy management, environmental control, surveillance and tracking, reporting and analysis to offer you higher operational efficiency, OPEX savings and network optimisation.

  • Tower Sharing
  • Lease Management
  • Tenant Billing
  • Central Documentation
  • Access Management
  • Task Management
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure Maintenance