I.M.S. Integrated Solutions


HELP-I.M.S. integrates with multiple technologies within the emergency services sector. To improve the visibility and performance of the incident management team, we provide and integrate IoT sensor solutions. Such integration also includes drone technology, intelligent video streaming communication glasses and secure wireless mesh network coverage.
Once an incident’s recorded, I.M.S. using seamless automated workflows will activate standard protocols with task assignments routed towards on duty resources. Actions are registered and processed to effectively deal with the incident.

Incident processing features:

– Call Handling Management
– Video and VoIP Communication
– Civilian App to Alert Emergency Services
– Dispatch App to Process Incidents
– Command Center User Interface
– Incident Mapping Solutions
– Advanced Push Notifications
– Shift Rostering and Management
– Work Order Ticket Management
– Escalation Management
– Key Performance Indicators
– Communication Isolation 


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