Partner agreement with Critical1


NEXSYS-ONE is pleased to announce a partner agreement with Critical1 ltd to deploy HELP-I.M.S. This agreement opens up sales channels to ambulance services in the UK, mainland Europe and across India.
HELP-I.M.S. is a health care management solution supporting a variety of health services and volunteer organizations to better serve people in need using mobile data networks, workforce management processing and an advanced video and VoIP communication system. Users of HELP-I.M.S. have seen efficiency improvements of up to 35% allowing them to streamline their services, improve response times and communication, allowing the organization to provide treatment, transport, as well as additional healthcare support respecting all individual needs from hospital to home giving the hospitals the ability to increase patient capacity/treatments provision.

Critical1 along with its sister company Code Blue, will offer HELP-I.M.S. to medical, security and military customers in the UK, mainland Europe and across India.

Critical1 along with Code Blue Specialist Vehicles offer a wide range of bespoke vehicle conversions to various organizations in the UK and overseas. Our experience includes, Medical, Military, Clinic, Secure Transport, Prisoner Transport, and Command and Control Vehicles. 


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