• Workforce Task Management
  • Project Tracking and Reporting
  • Cellsite Asset Management
  • Central Documentation Approval and Storage
  • Quality Management and Performance Control
  • Visualise Site Progression, RF and Topology Over a Map
  • Lease and Billing Management
  • Tower Sharing Application and Web Portal
  • Cost and Invoice Reporting System
  • Efficiency Improvement

    Using the best practices since 1996 and delivering on over 200 projects worldwide

  • Complete visibility

    Advanced reporting to obtain current bottlenecks and to create predictive plans based on progress

  • Central information storage

    Storing all documents, site configurations, transmission plans, leases, payment control, site assets and photo galleries

  • Data integrity analysis

    Drives the data integrity and usage via advanced notification boards, auto analysis, sms / email messages and reports to enable users to update the system accurately and in real time