• Tracking and reporting on staff target discussion
  • Dashboard view of staff competence level
  • Quality score cards
  • Certifications
  • Skill mapping versus service request
  • Staff central database
  • Training scheduling and attendee result reporting
  • Staff contract management
  • Timesheet control
  • Vendor management

    Using the quality management system (QMS) of Staffone, customers can monitor the performance and quality of their subcontractor verses set KPI targets. Staffone ensures payment of invoices when site works are truly completed.

  • Centralized resource database

    Capturing all skill sets and competences into a single source database. Enable customers to view availability of skills and staff to meet service requests

  • Service delivery assurance

    The continuous corporate development of staff empowers the sales organization to meet the technical requirements of complex services. Staffone drives group improvisation, individuals and subcontractors to always improve their performance, delivery and skill sets.