• Easy ticket or task creation
  • Dashboard Measurements of groups & individual performance.
  • Upload and transform documentation for approval or action
  • Advanced communication features to drive task processes
  • Geo-location of work staff verses field tasks
  • Assigning and tracking work flows
  • Customer portals to request actions or status of tasks
  • Task analytics and historical data coloration
  • Internal Group Management

    Receive and assign tasks to group personnel. TaskOne will enable leads to manage their tasks more effectively

  • Vendor performance analysis

    Visibility into Vendor performance to improve lead-times process work tasks

  • Task fast tracking

    SMS, PC and email notifications that drives the ticket status from open to closure. Tasks are fast tracked using reminders

  • Know your rock stars

    Using TaskOne, department managers can quickly identify the work load and performance of his or her teams. Recording performance results with regular reviews improve awareness of staff performance and job satisfaction