Help IMS

Help IMS brings visibility and control

into the command center

Offers a solution for emergency services to improve visibility and processing of incidents that effect the general public. It ‘s designed to Empower transparency across your organization with advanced video and VoIP communication that’s isolated to incident Work flows. Ground troops can provide the command center with eye’s and ears to make immediate decisions to deal with the incident.

* Access emergency evacuation details.
* Coordinate materials and process work flows
* Escalation control
* Live video streaming and coms with emergency teams at location
* Activate drones to give yourself visibility from dangerous view points
* The command center has the capabilities to live video stream and VoIP call with the HELP app user who requires assistance
* All communications are stored within the incident ticket for usage or later analysis
* Empower your dispatch and command center to have live visual communication with people at the scene.
* Intelligent dispatch algorithm to recommend dispatch based on location verses the incident, experience, driving conditions and available equipment

This Incident Management System is an exceptional tool for the strategic management of any serious incident. It provides the visibility and flexibility to process advanced video and VoIP communication from the incident to both tactical and strategic commanders with built in access to workflow process management giving all the data necessary for empowered decision making.
As well as allowing for direct video/voice contact between the various service commanders both at scene and in strategic command with attending personnel and eye witnesses. Absolutely everything is automatically recorded and available for both immediate and future review for incident management assessment and improved learning.
As an ex-Chief Ambulance Officer I can see the absolute benefits both for all the emergency services for managing incidents, evidence recording and continual learning.