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How Ooredoo is

using Nexsysone to

manage Myanmar Rollout

When undertaking a major greenfield rollout as currently underway in Myanmar, it's not simply a case of outsourcing to a single turnkey infrastructure vendor or towerco-the process is complex and much more fragmented.In Myanmar, as in its other markets, Ooredoo workswith multiple towersos, powercos, transmission deployment subcontractors and turnkey infrastructure vendors, with network planning and antenna assembly services also provided by several different companies. While many of these companies use Ooredoo's platform, others have their own software, giving rise to significant synchronisation challenges.

Systems such as ProjectOne provide a solution to this challenge, creating a common language and 'single source of the truth' throughout the complex supply chain, while others such as AssetOne pull together data and input into transmision planning. For example, when a towerco has a new site acquired and permitted ready for installation, we use ProjectOne to synchronise notification to the turnkey infrastructure partner and to the antenna assembly company, letting them know thatt the site is ready for civil works and, soon after, antenna installation, so that all the stakeholders come together in a timely manner. Major rollout like Myanmar are 'organic projects'; you need to understand the impact of every decision on network connectivity, and a lot of the network integration depends on the transmission network. If a particular permit is delayed or denied then you need to know what other sites are affected, and you may need to amend the transmission network and tell all the stakeholders. Nexsysone, an advanced, one-stop telecom project management solution enables the user to view sites and the fibre backbone of transmission connectivity, and to see live updates as the network evolves. This makes nexsysone more of a real time enables of Rollout Management(ROM), rather than a mere 'system of record' that documents after they have been taken.

We know where processes can fail because we've learned best practice on over two hundred projects worldwide.Nexsysone has revolutionised project management in the Telco sector,its many modules combine to help operators like Ooredoo Myanmar build world-class networks, not just track and report on existing networks.