North East Community Health Service embraces HELP-IMS


HELP-IMS is a digitalised health care management solution to tackle today’s security and safety challenges. HELP-IMS application simplicity for end users empowered by its comprehensive task management and trouble ticketing solution can transform the way you serve people in need while improving the work efficiency and resource allocation. Equipped by dedicated mobile app for Agent and User, automated vehicle dispatch, work force management processing and an advanced video and VoIP communication system, HELP-IMS can be a solution to enhance and extend your business.

North East Community Health Service

North East community Health Service (NECHS) is a private ambulance service aimed to assist NHS and private sector by taking away the requirement for bariatrics and trips & falls to allow the real blue light service to get on with their job. This in turn will not only improve patient care but also go a long way to improving NHS North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) response times within their region. NECHS services include Trips & Falls, Bariatrics, Safe & Well, Private Transfers, End of life, Hospitals, Repatriation, and Event cover.

NECHS’s Challenges

With a moto of “Care with Compassion”, NECHS was determined to provide a new and innovative health service designed and built with the community in mind. Achieving that, not only requires reliability, professionalism and compassion, it demands providing safe, effective and responsive care for customers. Reducing a response time and eliminating any error during an incident response process while having efficient workforce and resource allocation was the main challenge for NECHS to expand its business.

HELP-IMS: The solution & Results

By using the HELP-IMS fully automated and end-to-end incident management system, NECHS managed to achieve the following results:

• Improving overall response times and better allocation of calls to available and closest crew to the accident; • Faster activation time by crews; • Reducing voice calls to crew almost completely; • Eliminating errors in passing information by voice; • Securing patient information, by eliminating any paperwork; • Having full visibility on the crew’s performance and progress by control staff in real time; • Full control of all available assets by control staff.

Customer’s testimony:

Customer Satisfaction: By using the Help-IMS we can operate an efficient service. The control room can be operated by one member of staff as the Help-IMS systems does the “thinking” with regard to what resource is the closest to the incident. Incidents can also be stacked once created and due to the simple user-friendly interface, it is quite easy for one controller to handle multiple incidents at once.

Response times: The activation time has been reduced by up to two minutes as information is instantly sent to the mobile device with no need to explain or wright down information, this also eliminates the risk of errors when passing critical information. Activation time has been reduced from 90-120 seconds down to 30 seconds. Overall response time has been reduced by up to 5 minutes due to removing the need to input addresses in to navigation equipment and manually record addresses and other important information.

Resource efficiency: The Help-IMS system reduces the need for additional control room staff and maximises the efficiency of the emergency resources on the road.

Business expansion: Since the Help-IMS system has been installed we have seen an increase in our work. As you can see from the data below it has had a 53% increase our efficiency.

Derek Keen , Chief Executive, North East Community Health Service

Overall The Help-IMS system has revolutionised how our service runs, it has enabled us to expand our services without the associated costs of extra staff. The systems maximises efficiency and provides live feedback with real time tracking to ensure you know exactly what your rescores are doing at any one time.”

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