SERA4 and Nexsysone are both established companies with a strong track-record in the Telecom and Utilities Industry. As the market demand and expectations are evolving, especially in the remote site management industry, both companies have decided to join forces to offer a combined solution that includes Project, Workforce and Productivity management. The new offering is targeted to owners and operators of Active and Passive Infrastructure with as target to reduce costs, reduce down-time and increase operational efficiency through automated, and process driven Data Collection, Data Management and Data Analytics.

With mechanical systems, when keys are lost/stolen/misplaced or copied usually time, energy, and money needs to be spent changing the locks.

With the ACCESS-ONE system, keys can only be activated through the software meaning that if a key is lost / stolen / unreturned only the software needs to be updated.

As the access to every asset is now remotely controlled, we see a great reduction in theft, which is often inside jobs due to the fact that keys are copied and then used after hours to gain access to job sites and assets.

Since the locks require no maintenance and the keys only need battery replacement 1x/year the OPEX cost of running the ACCESS-ONE system is minimal meaning little or no recurrent expenditure after deployment.

Through job site management insurance premiums in some countries can be significantly lowered as the risk for the insurance company is reduced.


    As every user has a key the downtime is reduced as the O&M staff can now go directly to a job site - no more time/energy/money wasted in collecting / returning /managing keys.

    The control center now has control over which job sites need servicing and when and can verify how much time users spent on-site conducting specific tasks, which allows for the creation and tracking of KPIs.


    Keys are usually distributed to users or stored in a central location, which requires suppliers to spend time to collect and return those keys and requires operators to manage those keys.

    Keys are often copied leading to theft/degradation and as a result job sites go offline or need unbudgeted maintenance, leading to service interruption.

    Once distributed there is no control over where and when the mechanical key is used.

    There is little or no traceability on how long the user spent on a job site and this can have serious financial impact on operations, especially on remote job sites.