MaintainOne is a comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance management system. This web-based application is a one-stop solution for all your event and alarm management needs.

MaintainOne acts as an integrated alarm system that provides you with control over network issues.

Large scale projects often involve multiple live sites with multiple schedules and events in place. MaintainOne offers centralized visibility into the tracking and monitoring of trouble tickets, alarms, corrective actions and work order flow within your projects.

MaintainOne is a NeXsysOne module that works both independently and in conjunction with other NeXsysOne modules to provide a holistic view of maintenance tasks and trouble tickets within your projects. For example, when typical project management events such as network upgrade or modernization, status milestones or new builds are being tracked via ProjectOne, the notifications and scheduled task approval of these events are managed through MaintainOne. Similarly, any alarms or trouble tickets raised through SiteOne or DataOne are routed through MaintainOne for resolution.

MaintainOne allows you to:

  • View all alarms
  • View network performance
  • Manage change requests & work orders
  • Manage scheduled maintenance
  • Manage preventive maintenance
  • Manage trouble tickets
  • Schedule change requests
  • Prioritize issues
  • Provide Help Desk functionality
  • Track outages & corrective action

The MaintainOne mobile app provides crucial trouble ticket & maintenance schedule information on the go. The app uses the same cloud-based architecture as the desktop application, and provides instant notifications, email alerts, change request updates and trouble-ticket reports from across all distributed sites.

MaintainOne offers you a powerful and flexible interface to maintain and track all activities within your project. The application acts as a proactive preventive maintenance software that provides you visibility into potential issues and downtimes. This reduces network outages and associated cost-intensive operations.