RepairOne is an extensive asset optimization and refurbishment solution that provides you with widespread storeroom, spare parts and repair management solutions. NeXsysOne's asset management system, comprising of AssetOne and RepairOne, provide a systematic process to operate, maintain and upgrade assets in a cost-effective manner. With the right repair and refurbishment plan in place, your company gets the best returns on its investments.

Asset disposal and repair are often key concerns of any large scale project. Maximizing an asset's viability is an important step to recover value. Often, assets and components that have been phased out during modernization programs are expensive and of great value to the customer. RepairOne is a module within NeXsysOne that works both independently and in conjunction with other NeXsysOne modules, such as AssetOne, to offer wide-rangining staff and asset repair and redeployment solutions.

RepairOne allows customers to recover this equipment and provides the solution that is required to track the repair, refurbishment and possible redeployment of the upgraded equipment. RepairOne has been designed by a technical team with years of experience in repair processing and equipment recovery, and is the ideal equipment recovery solution for your organization.

Repair allows you to:

  • Equipment testing & inspection
  • Asset sorting & preparation
  • Repairs & repair status updates
  • Pre-packing & configuration management
  • Custom packaging
  • Warranty management
  • Spare parts management
  • Spare parts reports
  • Collection & decommissioning
  • Secure data removal
  • Fault testing
  • Recycling, redeployment & remarketing

The RepairOne software application acts as the central hub to track and manage all your asset recovery and redeployment processes. The application provides you with a solution to track the status of decommissioned equipment while simultaneously managing your spare parts inventory. Each and every asset is uniquely identified and documented in RepairOne. NeXsysOne offers trained personnel to test, repair and redeploy your valuable assets.

The RepairOne mobile app provides crucial asset information on the go. The app uses the same cloud-based architecture as the desktop application, and provides instant notifications, email alerts, status updates and reports from across all distributed sites and warehouses. The app also allows you to order spares from your cellphone.