How ONE user interface enables management of complex network rollouts and maintenance

Since inception Nexsysone has been used at 200 projects

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  • Advanced project management, asset management, spare parts, competency and change management, together with a superior RMS and smart phone based network performance monitoring, all in ONE UI
  • How Nexsysone is integrated with clients’ existing hardware, software and processes
  • Synchronising work tasks to manage peak volumes and improve resource utilisation across multiple NOCs

  • The Nexsysone software platform has been refined and proven in more than 200 large scale, complex network rollout, integration and maintenance projects worldwide. Originally developed as an internal competitive differentiator for Lemcon Networks Oy, Nexsysone is now being made available to external customers: towercos, MNOs and SIs by LEC Consultancy JLT out of Dubai, who also provide parallel service offerings. TowerXchange caught up with the creator of Nexsysone Jim Prosser.

    TowerXchange: What is Nexsysone, who are LEC Consultancy JLT and what role do you play in the telecoms infrastructure ecosystem?

    Nexsysone is the software platform to support network deployment, mass network integrations, NOC services, field maintenance, asset management services et cetera. We offer customers a single user interface, an advanced, customisable and modular software solution to help improve efficiencies whilst reducing operating costs. To enhance this we also offer network analytics, NOC, site management and professional services. Nexsysone has been created out of the best practices working closely with a number of customers – it’s not just the product of internal thinking. The solution has been developed from day one with an extreme focus on internal efficiency – to make network rollout and management more profitable. And we are able to adapt the platform to comply with different processes to fit customers’ requirements.

    TowerXchange: The first question our readers always ask is “how proven is the solution?” Tell us about the evolution of Nexsysone, and give us a few hints about current and future users of the platform?

    Nexsysone is a spin-off from the LNT platform (Lemcon Network Tracker) that was first introduced back in 2001 for mass UMTS deployments and network integrations. Lemcon decided to create it’s own software because we needed to improve our service delivery and to reduce costs for network integration, network operations, rollout management, asset management and project management. It enhanced our services for large mobile network operators such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, Econet, Globe Telecom, Telkomsel, Ooredoo and 3GIS. The system is stress-tested over multiple large scale deployments, and captures the full end to end processes for complex deployments and network operations.In 2013, the Nexsysone product became a separate stand-alone unit, now sold directly to tower companies, network operators, technology vendors and systems integrators.

    TowerXchange: Tell us about the capabilities of Nexsysone.

    Some clients require just the project management module for complex network upgrades, turnkey deployments or to capture site information. Others expand to include also asset management or remote site management (RMS) solutions. We’re able to adapt the modules we have to any customer requirement.
    Nexsysone has the following integrated modules:
    Project-one: Project management software, cost control, lease management and payments, quality management, transmission visibility, powerful maps view to help build networks, SAQ to final network operational acceptance.
    Asset-one: Site asset management, warehousing, refurbishment, monetising old assets. One of the biggest problems for operators is that they have booked a certain value of assets, which in many cases is significantly different from the actual value of the assets – AssetOne helps operators accurately assess and track the book value of all assets, which is key for tower transactions, for example.
    Site-one: Passive infrastructure monitoring, control, security, energy management, cost analytics and environment control.
    Staff-one: Competence development, training and quality assurance, SLA control.
    Task-one: Work force management, trouble ticketing, preventive and scheduled maintenance.
    Tower-one: Tower sharing, central information storage, documentation, tenant web portal, Billing and lease management

    TowerXchange: Where does software end and services begin? How does LEC Consultancy JLT help integrate the platform with the core processes of the tower operator?

    Software and services must run hand in hand. The software is the platform allowing the services to be more efficient, improving communications and driving the processes. It must be the central beating heart of the project and single source of data.Each deployment of Nexsysone has been tailored to meet the needs of the customer and we don’t always deliver every module and feature. For example some customers already have an effective RMS, and might only want AssetOne and TaskOne to improve asset register accuracy and to take advantage of the work force management system, TaskOne, for scheduled and preventive maintenance. Tower operators utilise the SiteOne RMS module to monitor and control the usage of energy, using generator control to optimise the use of batteries over diesel, or they might only use the software for lease payment management or colocation handling. Nexsysone provides deployment visibility from search ring identification through the SAQ processes, design and permitting, asset management, cost control and construction to documentation, quality management and acceptance. As built drawings and site details are made available for potential customers to view immediately, Nexsysone accelerates time to market in making the site facilities available for co-location.We have an application called AdminOne which allows our customers to create their projects using their existing processes – it’s a tool to quickly capture and adapt to existing processes by customising fields, comment and setting business rules and alerts (SMS, email and auto notifications) for specific milestones.

    TowerXchange: Take us on a verbal ‘tour’ of a NOC powered by Nexsysone and tell us how the platform synchronises management and maintenance of the network?

    The software and Nexsysone Management and senior technical engineers have been responsible for several large regional Network Operation Centers (NOCs) across several continents. By utilising our unique web based ticketing system, we can synchronise work tasks between different operations centers to manage peak volumes or specific tasks if and when needed. We did this for example in Brazil utilising the operations center in Rio as well as in Dallas, US. This allowed us to better use our resources whilst reducing costs in a more efficient manner across regions. By utilising our unique web based ticketing system, we can synchronise work tasks between different operations centers to manage peak volumes or specific tasks if and when needed. We did this for example in Brazil utilising the operations center in Rio as well as in Dallas, US. This allowed us to better use our resources whilst reducing costs in a more efficient manner across regions Nexsysone has a resource pool of people with experience of project management, deployment and O&M. We don’t just sell the software, we help with integration, or we can provide full professional services to run a NOC or take on the complete scope of rollout management.

    TowerXchange: How would you differentiate Nexsysone from other platforms designed as an ‘ERP for towers'?

    There are many good ERP systems available to tower companies or mobile operators. However, what Nexsysone offers via its modules the complete platform that covers the full spectrum of deployment and operation. Nexsysone is configurable to integrate with previously installed ERP systems, or can provide its own. But Nexsysone is more than an ERP for towers. The critical factor and differentiator of Nexsysone is that it offers the bigger picture to our customers from ‘’ONE’’ user interface. It has been developed with an operational focus whilst many typical ERP system have been built from financial requirements. Another advantage of Nexsysone is that as your business evolves, the capability of the system can evolve with you.